Hilda Merry

Born in London, England   I came to Canada in 1952 with my sister and parents on a converted troop ship..."The Georgic".  Somewhat of a late bloomer I seem to be following in my ancestors' footsteps...all of whom were involved in music, art and the theatre.  At age 48 I returned to study fine arts and psychology at the Finger Lakes College in N.Y.and continued in Fine Arts, Art History and Psychology at the University of Rochester, N.Y.     In those days I was selling paintings along the way to make ends meet.Today, I paint in oil and acrylic on canvas  and thoroughly enjoy being involved in the wonderful world of Art and Artists....especially managing displays for the Country Palette Artists. 

 Today I feel successful in the knowledge that over 200 of my paintings are hanging in Canada, U.S. England, Italy, and Peru....What more could an artist wish for but to happily carry on forever........... 

Hilda's Gallery