Ingrid Sander                                        I was born in Berlin Germany, finished schooling after the war. Times were bad and no jobs for young people available. Canada was looking for new immigrants so I applied. I came to Canada in 1953 and worked the first year as a domestic, which helped me pay back my fare to the Canadian Government.

              Working for several companies in Toronto I got married and raised a family.                   In 1990 my husband and I were looking for a place to retire and fell in love with the hills and beauty of Caledon which has been our home now for over 20 years. After becoming members of the Caledon Seniors Centre I joined the painting class which is tutored by Greg Hindle. That's where I discovered  my artistic Talent . I have been attending his courses for over 4 years. My childhood dream working with oil on canvas instead of pencil and watercolour on cardboard boxes.

My favourite subjects are landscapes, animals and flowers 

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