(Rosie Schroder)                                                                         I am an artist who thrives on working in many mediums. Usually I work in acrylics and mixed media, but I also love encaustics, silkscreen, watercolour and graphite. Its my theme or subject matter that determines which medium I will use. I love doing it all, representational, figurative as well as the abstract.

I studied Fine Art at OCAD, York University, Haliburton School of Fine Art and taken numerous workshops by well-known artists.

My work has been honoured at juried shows with awards and continues to be honoured by hanging in private and corporate collections across Canada, the USA, Australia and Wales.

When asked why I create, I reply, “it is an inexplicable urge I am compelled to satisfy”. “I must create just as I must breathe”.

Rosie's Gallery